The CRJ QRA is based on the OEM Systems descriptions.

All the systems are summarized in a plain english format, simplified so as to decrease your down time whether you are referencing information or preparing for a training event.

Buttons on the app start page will direct you to the appropriate system page.
The system pages are structured based on the OEM system description.

Provisions have been made to accommodate various software load versions that are used within the CRJ fleets, and to also incorporate line flying information to the descriptions.
To further assist in your studying and increase your knowledge of the CRJ systems, each chapter includes all associated EICAS messages and their descriptions.
The flashcard generator included in the QRA allows the creation of flashcard stacks, with unlimited flashcards.

You can create a stack per system, or a stack for all the systems.

Or maybe incorporate your company's limitations to the flashcards and quiz yourself throughout your training program.
The notepad allows you to take notes whilst studying the systems.

An icon on the top right of the screen in each system, opens the notepad allowing you to take notes.

You can also access the notepad from the app start page, through one of the buttons on the bottom row.